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Do you have a new phone number or email?  Need to update your student's medical records?  You can do that at any time on your Final Forms account.  We rely on these accounts for the latest and most accurate information, so please keep your accounts up to date.

Final forms Log In

New Students to Final Forms

Begin with Parent Registration:

1.  Go to

Home page of Oakwood Final Forms

2.  You will click on NEW ACCOUNT under the Parent Icon.  You will begin the online registration with this screen. Continue to step 3.

Screenshot of new parent login

3.  Complete all of the information on the Parent/Guardian Registration screen,  then click REGISTER.

4.  Check your email (you will receive a confirmation email in approximately three minutes).  You will be prompted to confirm and complete your registration.

7.  You account will be created and you can proceed to registering your students.

For Student Registration

1.  Once you logged in to your parent account, you will go to the My Students page.  (Your pages will say 2022-23 REGISTRATION at the top)

Screenshot of My Students page

2.  You will click +Add Student and begin registering your students.  You will see the information/documentation needed for your student on the left side of the page. 

6.  You will complete each form.  After completing each form, enter your full name into the Parent Signature field at the bottom of the page, click SUBMIT FORM and move to next form.

7.  When forms are properly completed and submitted, they will turn green.  Incomplete forms will remain red.  When you have successfully completed registering your student, you will see the Enrollment Forms finished! screen.

Screenshot of Enrollment Forms finished from FinalForms

8.  If you are registering additional students, click +Add Another Student and jump back to Step 2.

9.  If you did not complete all of the forms and the FinalForms registration process, you will see this screen:

Screenshot you will receive if all registration forms are not completed on FinalForms

After you finish your FinalForms form set, please upload the required paperwork. Our Central Registrar will contact you within 24-48 hours to confirm your paperwork and follow up with additional information. 


You will not be required to upload any documentation.